Increasing patient safety is our ultimate goal. We achieve this through the implementation of simulation technology.

We are a team of developers, dreamers, and innovators who believe that technology and collaboration will aid in the improvement of the world. By collaborating closely with medical experts, we understand the needs of the medical community. We are determined to fulfill our mission of providing further accessibility to medical education through the unparalleled advantages of virtual reality.

Metamedics Team

Our Values

Equalize Access to Training

We provide medical personnel, regardless of their location, with unlimited access to high-quality simulation training.

Boost Patient Safety

By providing accurate simulations, we aim to increase doctors’ skills and experience, resulting in safer patients.

Innovation in Medtech

Through technological development we can overcome boundaries, to shape a brighter future.


Collaboration Makes the Difference

Working with medical professionals from different fields allows for deeper understanding of how to create solutions from various angles.

Path to Perfection

We believe that pouring our full effort into every step of our mission is the only way to find success.

Constant Improvement

We continuously adjust our methods to up our training’s effectiveness through data-based feedback.


How We Work: Building the Medical Metaverse through Partnerships

We believe in working to a point where healthcare is democratized abolishing barriers to adequate training and technology To maximize availability of medical education, we partner with hospitals, medical schools, simulation centers, and medical equipment firms. We provide an ecosystem from practitioner to patient, revolutionizing the future of healthcare today.

Flexible Partnerships

Whether you are a practitioner with an idea, a health tech firm with a complimentary product or a hardware medtech looking for software partners, our door is always open.


Unifying efforts to advance healthcare training, we believe in working together for a better today.

medical collaboration

Building the Metaverse of Medical Training

Let’s say you are a medical student looking to be more prepared for an appendectomy surgery at an upcoming residency. You can enter a virtual world of medical simulation training where you can practice these procedures in a comfortable, instructional, and safe environment. Wouldn’t it be amazing to make this available to all medical students? The result will be better medical performance around the world resulting in improved patient safety. Good news: Every step we are taking is toward this goal of creating the first Medical Training Metaverse.

metamedics metaverse