Real-life CPR Training in Virtual Reality

MetaMedics CPR VR leverages cutting-edge hand tracking, ultrarealistic scenarios, and advanced analytics to provide you with an immersive training experience. It allows you to rehearse real-life emergency situations in a virtual environment, ensuring you’re prepared when it matters most.

Our primary objective is to minimize the risk of psychological hesitation during a real emergency, enabling you to respond effectively and confidently.

Setting the Standard for CPR Simulations in VR

Realistic CPR Scenarios

Replicates high-risk CPR situations, providing an immersive training experience that closely mirrors real-life emergencies.

Psychological Preparedness

ims to minimize psychological shock during real emergencies by building student confidence through lifelike training scenarios.

Precise Hand Tracking

Utilizes advanced hand tracking technology for an exceptionally realistic experience, allowing users to perform CPR maneuvers using bare hands.

Authentic Equipment

Includes all essential elements, such as AEDs to create a truly lifelike training environment.


Variable Simulation

Offers customizable variables that enhance training, allowing instructors to create diverse scenarios and adapt training to different skill levels.

Comprehensive CPR Algorithm

Covers all CPR algorithm steps, ensuring that users practice and master every critical aspect of the procedure during the simulation.

Monitoring Progress in Real-Time with Comprehensive Analytics

  • Guided Mode: Offers a guided training mode where students are led through panels and exercises step-by-step, ensuring a structured and effective learning experience.

  • Real-Time Analytics: Provides real-time analytics that offer immediate feedback to students, allowing them to assess and adjust their performance during training sessions.

  • Comprehensive Reports: Generates detailed reports for both instructors and users, highlighting key training metrics and areas for improvement.

  • Tracking Metrics: Monitors and records essential metrics including training duration, mistakes made, compression depth, and compression rhythm, enabling users to fine-tune their CPR skills and track progress over time.

CPR Analytics

Seamless Control with Hand Tracking

  • Only your hands: Hand tracking allows you to perform CPR maneuvers using your bare hands, replicating the tactile sensation and movements required in real-life situations.
  • Immersive Engagement: Engage with virtual patients and equipment as if they were physically present.
  • Intuitive Control: Hand tracking eliminates the need for controllers, making the training process more intuitive. 
  • Precise Feedback: With precise hand tracking, you’ll receive instant feedback on the accuracy and effectiveness of your CPR techniques.

Ultrarealistic and Variable Scenarios


  • Shopping Mall
  • Street
  • Office


  • Geriatrics
  • Adult
  • Infant


  • Stress items (rain, obstacles, etc)
  • Single player/Multiplayer

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