Real-life CPR Training in Virtual Reality

Using hand tracking, ultrarealistic scenarios and analytics, MetaMedics CPR VR lets you practice real-life situations before you need in the real world. 

It aims to reduce the possibility of psychological blockage in an actual emergency.

How to use it? 

Guided Mode

The guided mode instructs users which steps to perform and in what specific order. Panels and holograms teach the student throughout the simulation, so they can master the skill. The guided mode can be accessed as many times as needed until the user is confident to proceed.

Exam Mode

The exam mode is a completely free scenario where users have to confront victims without any help, as if they were alone. There is a clock ticking and a life that must be saved. The exam mode can be used for testing and evaluation, as real-time analytics are tracked.

Presentation Mode

The presentation mode enables instructors to teach students without having to commute. Students are able to see and hear the same as the instructor becoming part of the experience. Simulations can be stopped and questions can be asked, enriching learning.

CPR Algorithm 

CPR algorithm is faithfully replicated and students are evaluated based on their performance.

    • Check consciousness
    • Open the airways and check breathing
    • Call the emergency service
    • Find an AED
    • Perform cardiac massage
    • Follow the AED’s steps 
CPR Algo

Practice in any surface

The CPR software includes a calibration system. You can use any object to start enjoying the extended reality feature. This means, you could use any model of mannequin you have at your center, or even other objects such as pillows. This enables true democratization of training and education.

You can also choose where to place the patient, placing them on the floor or on a hospital bed. Thus, practicing CPR in different positions.

CPR any surface

Hand-Tracking to give you the most realistic experience

No controllers are needed. The software detects the movement of the hands in real life and brings it to the virtual world in real-time. This way the student:  

– Can manipulate objects easily

– Learn and improve the technique and hand positioning

– Evaluate the student compressions

Real-Time Analytics

Statistics that help both the trainee and trainer to understand where to improve in real time. 

Instructor have access to the analytics of all the students so specific items can be reinforced

– Total session time

– Number of compressions

– Compression depth and rate values 

– Mistakes

Metamedicsvr analytics

Ultrarealistic and Variable Scenarios


  • Shopping Mall
  • Street
  • Hospital


  • Geriatrics
  • Adult
  • Infant


  • Stress items (rain, obstacles, etc)
  • Patient varieties

Advantages of CPR Training in VR


Flexible Training (whenever, wherever)



Real Time Analytics

Adapted to your dummy


It doesn’t just save time–it saves lives!

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