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Virtual Reality training is the future of medical practice. Medical practice includes assessment, diagnosis and emergencies! MetaMedicsVR offers many training solutions, from routine check-ups, difficult conversations, diabetes training, 911 situations and much more!

vr medical training

VR Medical Training is transforming and modernizing the healthcare industry

 Research has shown that VR training improves performance in real-life situations.


When compared to traditional training methods, VR learning improves performance by 250%


The learning retention rate is 75% more effective with the 'learning by doing' methodology of virtual reality.


VR enables practicing before facing a real patient decreasing mistake production by 40%,

MetaMedicsVR Simulation Solutions have all the features you need and more

Working with healthcare professionals, we have developed  virtual reality simulations that makes a difference in the training of medical students.


Data-based evaluation and feedback

A data-driven evaluation system that shows you performance quality and your own progress in real time.


We offer desktop and mobile versions of our software, so you can scale your training easily.


Our cloud-based solutions give users flexibility to access the platform from wherever they are.

Compatible with all commercial VR headsets

Our software runs on all model, including standalone, like Oculus Quest 2. No need for expensive computers!


We can customize your protocols and procedures,  making your students feel comfortable.


Our simulations are immersive and faithful to reality, created with the guidance of the best medical experts.

Clinical Scenarios & Diagnosis

Unlimited access to diverse scenarios where trainees can develop decision-making, clinical reasoning, critical thinking, communication, and practice teamwork.

Simulations are multi-faceted. Users can request imaging, tests and assess patients accordingly. MetaMedicsVR allows users to apply and enhance their theoretical knowledge.

appendectomy vr

Emergency Situations 

Expose users to accidents and crashes where dozens of patients must be treated at the same time and where prioritization and quick action are vital.

These scenarios are highly resource-costly, and most trainees are not exposed to them until a catastrophe happens. Ensure your professionals are ready to act. 

vr emergency training

Soft Skills & Difficult Conversations

Practice delivering bad news to patients, educating them on what is coming and speaking to their families. Make a real impact, ensuring effective understanding.

Understand the impact that communication and empathy have for your patients and challenge your unconscious biases. Improve your soft skills with MetaMedicsVR. 

vr communication doctors

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