Mental Health in VR

The Mental Health Training in VR program offers a diverse range of immersive scenarios, each designed to enhance your understanding and response to critical mental health situations. Step into lifelike virtual environments and engage in realistic interactions to develop crucial skills.

With this innovative training platform, users have the freedom to practice and refine their abilities at their own pace, fostering empathy and expertise in mental health care.

Mental Health in VR

Mental Health Crisis Preparedness: Immersive Training

realistic scenarios

Realistic Environments


Emotion Recognition

Realistic Scenarios

Guided Learning Paths


Decision-Based Learning

Feedback and Assessment

Variety of VR Simulation Scenarios

Our simulation library covers various mental health scenarios, including crisis intervention, counseling techniques, and patient assessments.

Suicidal Ideation

Pediatric cases


Elevating Realism with Hand Gesture Technology

Our XR technology eliminates the need for joysticks and cables, enabling natural interaction in simulations.
Users can apply their knowledge realistically by using their own hands and replicating authentic gestures.
Our platform integrates seamlessly with training mannequins for a more immersive experience.

Debriefing: Learning and Evaluation

The software is crafted to support users throughout the simulation experience, offering guidance through videos, written panels, and tips.
This enables learners to dissect every aspect of the simulation for in-depth understanding. All of the cases offers an exam mode where learners can apply their acquired knowledge in an open scenario.
Both learners and instructors have access to a debriefing platform for the analysis of errors and feedback from the simulation.

Bring your own cases

Are you an instructor with a collection of cases you’d like to make more realistic? We can transform them into virtual reality scenarios, enabling your students to practice whenever they wish.

Select your preferred scenarios, patients, and situations, and present them to your students as authentic, real-life scenarios to enhance their learning.

We’ve partnered with numerous universities and learning institutions, recreating their desired content in virtual reality and supporting its integration into classroom settings.

If you are looking for something different you can also have a look at our CPR Training package, Emergency Simulations, or Nursing cases. We also have a complete set of simulations for Nursing Assistants.

Bring your own cases