We Are Revolutionizing Medical Training with VR

The MetaMedicsVR platform democratizes healthcare training, ensuring patient safety. Healthcare professionals can train, repeatedly, from anwywhere.

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We solve the 3 main problems of classical simulation learning


We ensure all professionals have access to VR training, providing 85% price reduction. 


There is no need for tutors or physical spaces. Real-life tailored feedback is provided.


Each procedure can be repeated infinitely by an unlimited number of trainees.

Virtual Reality is a game-changer for medical learning

VR opens the door to a new world of medical training. Trainees are completely immersed in an interactive virtual environment, believing they are in the real-world and learning by ‘doing.’ The power of VR lies in delivering experiences on demand.


of mistakes occur in the first 30 cases. VR reduces errors by 9x

Yale University VR


increase in learning retention with 'learning by doing'

Yale University VR


more confident to act on what is learned after training

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Boost Your Training with Our XR Platform’s Vital Tools and Features







Real time feedback

Real-Time Feedback

hand tracking

Hand Tracking





Industry tested

Industry tested

XR Platform

  • Our XR technology distinguishes us from other platforms by eliminating the need for joysticks and cables.
  • Users control the experience using their bare hands.
  • Students can replicate authentic gestures and actions as they would in real-world procedures.
  • Compatible with training mannequins.

Learning & Exam Mode

  • Our training modules offer learning and exam modes.
  • Learning mode: Self-guided with feedback, flexible pace.
  • Exam mode: Realistic scenarios, no guidance.
  • Results and data accessible via the dashboard for both students and teachers.

Our Solutions

Nursing VR

Immersive training for nursing professionals


Realistic simulations for emergency response training

Nursing Assistant

Training modules tailored for nursing assistants

CPR & First Aid

Lifesaving skills training through extended reality

Mental Health

Simulated scenarios to enhance mental health training


Tailored VR solutions to meet your specific training needs

Learning Platform That Amplifies Teachers and Students

We provide a web-based platform that integrates with MetaMedicsVR, linking to all our training modules, including VR and mobile. With this platform, you can:

  1. Monitor your student’s progress
  2. Compare their performance with their peers.
  3. Obtain objective reports for grading.
  4. Provide personalized information to each student according to their learning needs.

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