Nursing Assistant Training in VR

CNA VR makes it easy for your students to learn CNA skills and prepare for the CNA clinicals in just a few minutes. The student would need to replicate all the steps taken during a real procedure with the resident. 

Training has never been this convenient. Just put on your VR headset and learn while you play!

All CNA Skills in One Platform

CNA VR covers every essential skill for your CNA journey, from patient care and communication to medical procedures and safety protocols. With the aid of immersive simulations and expert-guided learning, you can begin your path toward becoming a proficient and empathetic CNA.

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Boost Your Students’ Learning.

MetamedicsVR platform enables learning by living, which increases retention for the mock skills test. It takes CNA students less than 5 minutes to learn a new skill, so you can train 60 students per hour with just 5 VR headsets or unlimited in the case of the mobile version. 

Students learn 4x faster in VR and are required to focus on the training since their environment is distraction-free.

VR Students learning CNA

Practice Anywhere Anytime

MetaMedicsVR offers unlimited access to a virtual world to train whenever and wherever you want. Students can adjust the learning pace according to their needs.

Students will be able to practice CNA skills over virtual patients, increasing safety and preparing them for real-life situations. 

Virtual Reality Version

  • The student simply wears a headset; no cables or laptops are necessary.
  • Within this immersive environment, the student engages fully in a variety of skill-based scenarios, performing each step naturally.
  • Hand-tracking features enhance intuitiveness, even for users new to Virtual Reality.
  • Learning through hands-on experience is consistently emphasized with this technology.

Mobile Version

  • Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.
  • Simulation is controlled using finger gestures.
  • Mobile VR mode is enabled for all skills, allowing VR usage on smartphones.
  • Immersive experiences and gamification elements are also integrated into this version.
  • The app includes additional modules for theory and Q&A practice.

How to use it? 

Guided Mode

The guided mode instructs users which steps to perform and in what specific order. Panels and holograms teach the student throughout the simulation, so they can master the skill. The guided mode can be accessed as many times as needed until the user is confident to proceed.

Exam Mode

The exam mode is a completely free scenario where users have to assist residents without any help, as if they were alone. There is a steps panel and a set of different skills that need to be addressed. The exam mode can be used for testing and evaluation, as real-time analytics are tracked.

Presentation Mode

The presentation mode enables instructors to teach students without having to commute. Students are able to see and hear the same as the instructor becoming part of the experience. Simulations can be stopped and questions can be asked, enriching learning.

Fit for Your Specific Needs

We’ve designed our virtual training platform to be versatile and customizable, ensuring that it seamlessly aligns with the unique requirements of your estate. Whether you’re operating in a school, hospital, nursing home, or any other facility, CNA VR can be tailored to suit your setting, making it an ideal choice for your CNA training needs.

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