VR Surgery Training

Virtual reality surgery training allows students and healthcare professionals to gain exposure to a surgical environment and procedures through life-like simulations. Users gain unlimited access to simulations anywhere, anytime, all while diminishing risks.

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VR Surgical Training is a game-changer for the industry

Recent studies show, VR surgical training for residents significantly improve doctor’s performance in real-life situations.

One minute of surgery ranges from $15 to $20

90% of injuries occur within the first 30 cases

There is a very long learning curve for surgical procedures

Our VR Laparoscopic Simulator has all the features you need and more

Teaming up with healthcare professionals, we have developed simulation scenarios to aid every point of need in learning laparoscopic procedures.

Our team is able to custom develop any laparoscopic procedure you demand, contact us for further collaborations.


Track Performance

Users can access a data-driven evaluation system that provides insight on performance quality and progress all in real time.


Whether on desktop or mobile, simulations can be accessed, maximizing performance value.


Cloud-based solutions allow users flexibility to obtain the platform wherever and whenever is needed.

Compatibility with all VR headsets

To maximize user accessibility, our software is compatible with all commercial VR headsets, including standalones.

Different clinical cases

With a plethora of surgical scenarios, users are able to face different patients and surgical cases.


Make training and scenarios unique to your center,

You can contact MetaMedicsVR  for full  customization.

VR Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Simulator

With the MetMedicsVR laparoscopic cholecystectomy simulator, users are able to practice and perfect their skills.

The surgeons will learn everything in a simulated environment, from inserting the trocars to removing the gallbladder.


appendectomy vr

VR Laparoscopic Appendectomy Simulator

From port insertion to appendix removal, users are able to walk through various cases and perfect skills necessary for laparoscopic appendectomy.


metamedics metaverse

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