VR Nursing Training

Train nurses’ students and professionals with “learning by doing.” 
Nursing students learn in a stress-free interactive environment from wherever they are without endangering patients’ lives, while their organizations save time and money.

VR Nursing

Patient-Centered Care: Nursing Simulations are developed thinking patient first


Practice Safety Measures

Conduct physical assessments

Tests and Diagnostics

Administer drugs

Interact and Communicate

Hand over SBAR reports

VR Nursing Simulations

Mental Health VR Nursing

Psychiatric- mental health nurses are exposed to a wide range of scenarios. Train diverse skills, from administering and monitoring psychobiological treatment regimens, crisis intervention, psychiatric rehabilitation and much more. Interact with patients in VR who are in need of suffering relief.

Mental health nursing vr

ER VR Nursing

Train the difficulties ER entails in a fast-paced medical environment, handling different patients at once. Train how to triage patients and prioritize them based on needs. Learn how to quickly identify the best way to stabilize patients and minimize their pain, perform minor medical procedures, stabilizing wounds, starting intravenous lines and much more.

er vr nursing

Perioperative VR Nursing

Through gamification techniques, such as points and timed challenges, users are motivated to practice and improve their skills. The course is designed to help both students as well as experienced nurses to prepare for unusual procedures.

Our solution simulates a procedure 6 times faster than a real one. Thus, learning a one-hour procedure would take 10 minutes virtually. This leads to money and time savings.

vr perioperative nursing

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